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I hope everyone who enjoys celebrating Valentine’s Day is getting the chance to do so today. A friend of mine called it the High Holiday for Romance Authors. If it’s just another day for you, then Happy Saturday!!

Today’s special for me because I have three close friends with birthdays today, AND, I have a Valentine’s story in the boxed set, Naughty Hearts. Since I do have special people who have birthdays today, I was very excited to get the opportunity to write a story celebrating their day. 😉

I also owe y’all an apology for taking so long to get the website updated. 2014 was a year unlike any other I’d ever experienced. Lots of family and personal issues happened that needed to be taken care of, and they were things I couldn’t discuss on any kind of social media. 🙁

Then, a very close family member became very ill mid-December and I needed to take care of him. He’s doing much better now, but I spent most of my time either writing (or editing) and being care-giver. Even Christmas kind of fell by the wayside. New Years came and went and now, it’s Valentine’s Day! Wow.

I think I’m going to take a do-over on New Years. So for me, I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day AND New Years. 😉

If you get the chance, check out UNDER THE HOOD in the NAUGHTY HEARTS boxed set. I enjoyed writing about Russ and Lisbeth, and I hope you enjoy reading about them.